Thessaloniki Submerged Tunnel

2004, 1st award in a competition

The principal objective of this project is to provide congestion relief to the center of Thessaloniki, by the creation of an underground by-pass linking the Thessaloniki West Entrance to the east of the city through a submerged tunnel crossing the Thermaikos Gulf.

The by-pass includes cut&cover tunnels 2,9 km long, a submerged tunnel, 1,2 km long, as well as tunnel approach ramps of a total length of 1,2 km. METE SYSM S.A. has been appointed and elaborates all studies (road, structural and architectural) that concern project parts apart from those into the sea, such as, Cut and Cover tunnels, road design, landscaping, pedestrian bridges, toll stations, service buildings e.t.c.