The New Acropolis Museum

Athens, 2001, 47.000.000 €, distinction in an imternational architectural competition

in collaboration with the firm Arata Isozaki & associates


Collected, scattered pieces, wait to be hatched.
I don't believe you can be reincarnated
With your return to the hill
And your harmonious smeltering to one.
At the foot of the hill, in front of Dionysus theatre,
Build a hatchery.
Gea will name it Cosmic Egg.
In it stands the virtual Parthenon.
It will be set upon true pieces,
Then wait for the hatching.
True and virtual pieces will combine
And when the third millennia comes, the shell will crack.
Then the fantastic idol will feel real.
(The metaphor of Plato's cave will be repeated.)
The Egg of the Universe


Arata Isozaki