The Great Egyptian Museum

Cairo, 2002, distinction in a international architectural competition

No architectural shape possesses enough arrogance to stand next to and be measured against the archetypical form of the Pyramids. Therefore our proposal for GEM is not a building, in proper terms but rather a "Heliotopos"; a space landscaped by the Sun. GEM therefore is formed by three underground orthogonal spaces, hidden and covered. Each space of the Triad corresponds and reflects, in its two-dimensional trace on the ground, each one of the pyramids. It is like a ship or a vessel that has sunken under a sea of sand dunes.


The third dimension is shaped out of light; a matrix of one thousand seventy six Glass columns piercing the ceiling of the Underground -museum and rising above the ground up to 40 meters. The sunlight travels through these channels, bouncing and shimmering in million ways, descending underground, where is filtered, scaled and finally directed to the exhibits where it is stored so as to rise up in the night and follow a reverse journey.