Road viaducts T4 on the N. Kostarazi - Argos Orestiko section of the Siatista - Krystalopigi vertical road axis of Egnatia motorway

EGNATIA ODOS S.A., Final design, 2002, 4.840.000 €

Road viaducts carrying two independent branches of motorway, with a total length of 310m (10x31m = 310m), a width of 12,75m each, and a maximum pier height of 14,3m. Superstructures of precast concrete beams on elastomeric bearings and deck slab cast in situ. Pile foundations.

The complete design was carried out in 2002, with a design budget of 4.480.000€, project owner EGNATIA ODOS S.A., construction by AEGEK S.A., completed in 2004.