Road bridges over Axios river on the Thessaloniki - Edessa National Road

JV THESSALIKI S.A. - THEMELIODOMI S.A., Preliminary and final design, 1983, 880.000 €

Road bridges consisting of two independent branches, with a total length of 713m (23x31m = 713m), a width of 12m each, and a maximum pier height of 6,9m. Superstructure of precast concrete beams on elastomeric bearings and deck slab cast in situ. Pile foundations.

The preliminary and final design were carried out in 1993, with a design budget of 880.000€, project owner Ministry of the Environment, Planning and Public Works, construction following tender by JV THEMELIODOMI S.A. - THESSALIKI S.A., completed in 1985.