Resurrection of Christ Cathedral and cultural center in Tirana, Albania


The Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania, Structural design, 2005, 3.230.000 €

The project is located in the center of Tirana, Albania and consists of the church, which is the third largest Orthodox church in Europe, with floor area of 1660,0 sqm and maximum height of 32,2 m, underground spiritual and cultural center, chapel, synod building as well as bell tower with maximum height of 46,0 m.

The structures of all buildings are made of reinforced concrete with spread foundations, while vertical cast in place bored piles as well as open steel section elements were used for the retention of the cut soil faces of a maximum excavation depth of 9,3 m.

The structural design was carried out in 2005, with a design budget of 3.230.000 €. Project owner the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania, construction by SNP (Stefanos N. Papazoglou), completed in 2012.