Renal Dialysis Center, Thessaloniki

2008, 1.340.000 €

The project concerns the design of 30-station Renal Dialysis Unit, located in a 4.605 sq. m. site in Pylaia, Thessaloniki.

The building consists of basement, ground floor and first floor with a total area of 1.384 sq. m. The project includes also the landscaping of the surrounding area with 65 parking spaces and specially planted green areas.

The building is organized in U shape, creating an internal patio, where the main entrance is located. The central design concept is to separate public, treatment and support zones and create a friendly environment. The clear and readable layout constitutes the basic elevations' synthetic element. The materials used are plaster, glass, metal, aluminum and stone, while rotating louvers provide sun shading to east and west elevation.