Kardia, Thessaloniki

80 houses residential complex, B.S. 11-12, 2008, 13.275.000 €

The project concerns the design of 2 housing complexes located in 2 blocks, of a total area of 13.150 sq. m., in Cardia, Thessaloniki. They include 80 houses and 4 underground parking areas of 96 cars.

The present study represents the evolution of the first prize in the relevant competition that the owner announced. The overall design deals with different scale issues, from master plan to detailed study. In the initial layout and for the specific site, five types of houses were used, modified and adjusted accordingly, in order to conform to legislation. The combination of types and their adjustments in horizontal and vertical level (distances and levels) permits the organization of housing types in groups, which constitute the seven areas-neighbourhoods of general master plan.