Kaftanzoglio National Stadium, Thessaloniki

Refurbishment, 2004, 40.000.000 €, architectural study

The term "upgrading" refers to the sum of works and facilities, necessary for the stadium:

a. to be in a position to correspond to the needs and requirements of the Olympic Games 2004 for the football runoffs

b. to be updated so as to be able to accommodate track sports for the post-Olympic period.

The schedule includes:


- The redesigning, the reinforcement and the reconstruction of all of the existing building installations of the site ~ 9.000 sq. m.
- New additional areas ~ 11.000 sq. m in three new buildings
- The reconstruction of the playing fields
- The rearrangement of the landscape
- The proposal and materialization of the traffic circulation and parking needs during the games.

The project has been constructed.