IKA (Social Insurance Institute), Larissa

New Administration & Healthcare Facilities Building, 2008, 11.450.000 €, competition

The competition concerned a building study for housing the local branch of IKA (SOCIAL INSURANCE INSTITUTE) in Larissa, located on a 2.100 sq. m. site. The building houses the local health unit and security services.

The basic concept was the creation of two separate building volumes for Health and Security services, accessible through a common outdoor entrance area, in order to achieve separation, autonomous entrances and identification of the different functions.

The basic morphological and typological building characteristics are; the volume split in two building units, the application of a simple and linear geometry, the use of three basic façade materials (glass - wood - render) and the creation of two successive external skins, which intensify the perception of transparency and deepness. Additionally the movement of the horizontal and vertical louvers creates different building "images", while the façade independence from the structural elements offers exceptional variety potentials in the element organization, deconstructing the austerity of the vertical structural elements.

The design proposes the installation of bioclimatic elements.

A number of choices have been applied, aiming at the improvement of thermal and visual comfort, energy saving and environmental upgrading through the reduction of harmful emissions. Therefore the effective protection of the building shell against climatic conditions is achieved, in addition with the exploitation of the positive and the limitation of the negative effects on the energy balance of the building.

The design and integration of energy saving systems contribute to a lower construction and operation cost.

The basic principles for the bioclimatic design of the building are orientation, shading, natural lighting and reduction of internal thermal gains, building thermal inertia and heat insulation, planted roofs and landscaping.