IKA, 25th Martiou Str., Thessaloniki

Health Care Facilities, 2008, 12.170.000 €, 1st award in a competition

The site of IKA 25th Martiou Health Facilities is located at the 25th Martiou and Kimonos Voga streets junction, in the eastern district of Thessaloniki. The project is adjacent to a listed building of special value "Villa Mordoh", where the Municipal Gallery is housed.The total area of the building is 12.305 sq.m. and our aim and challenge was to place the voluminous building into the monument's area, without altering the place's historical and aesthetic identity. The concept idea is the creation of two oblong volumes following the East-West axis.
According to the building schedule, three health facilities units are going to be housed in the new buildings, the local health unit, the preventive medicine, the diagnostic center and the labor medicine of Thessaloniki.