15.000 ton capacity ammonia tank at the Northern Greece Chemical Industries (S.I.C.N.G.) plant at Kalohori, Thessaloniki

THEMELIODOMI S.A. - DOMOTECHNIKI S.A., Detailed design, 1982, 250.000 €

Double-skin cryogenic type tank with an internal steel wall and an external wall of prestressed concrete, having an internal diameter of 38m and a height of 24m, for liquid ammonia storage at a temperature of -39°C, with elevated floor and pile foundations.


The detailed design was carried out in 1982 for S.I.C.N.G., with a design budget for the bearing structure of 250.000€, construction by JV THEMELIODOMI S.A. - DOMOTECHNIKI S.A., completed in 1984.