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METE SYSM S.A. is a joint stock company (societe anonyme) based in Thessaloniki with an operating license up to 2050 and a share capital of 948.300€, divided in 29.000 registered shares. The partners are 18 architects and civil engineers, all working with the firm. The company is managed by a Board of Directors, elected and established in accordance with Greek Law 2190/1920 and company' s Articles of Association, members of which are senior partners as well as the Heads of the several design departments.





METE SYSM is registered in the official list of the Hellenic Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works (Reg. No: 87) with certification ("diploma") for the following categories of design works:

06 Building Architectural Studies

Ε class (18 units)

07 Special Architectural Studies

Ε class (15 units)

08 Structural Design

Ε class (15 units)

10 Transportation Facility Studies

Ε class (12 units)

16 Land Surveying Studies

C class (3 units)