Former partners


Michalis Chatzopoulos
Founder member and Co-Managing Director of METE SYSM Ltd. He was involved in the design of all the architectural projects of the company until 1989, when he stopped working due to illness. He withdrew from the company in 2001.


Anastasia Lada
Founder member of METE SYSM Ltd and leading designer of many architectural projects, especially of those concerning health-care facilities and rehabilitation of listed buildings. She was responsible for the design teams working on architectural competitions until 1998, when
she withdrew from the company.


Nikolaos Katsanikas
Civil Engineer
Founder member and I.T. Manager of METE SYSM Ltd until 1990, when he passed away.


Ioannis A. Tegos
Structural Engineer PhD
Founder member of METE SYSM Ltd and member of the design teams for many structural projects (buildings and bridges) until 1998, when he withdrew from the company.


Thalis Avdis
Civil Engineer
Founder member of METE SYSM Ltd and technical advisor to the design teams of many structural projects until 1998, when he retired and withdrew from the company.